Abused 'aggressive' raccoon can't stop cuddling new owner after rescue. These 8 photos say it all

We're used to the typical adorable stories about cats, dogs, etc. But we swear we've never seen such a cute raccoon! Unfortunately, her story has a sad start. She was rescued from a situation we don't know much about, but she showed up in terrible shape. She was very dirty and had sores all over her paws, and she was very overweight.
Her situation changed when she was taken in by Maxine Baird, though. Even though they were told that she was aggressive, she just seemed scared. As soon as Maxine went in the kennel with her, she walked right up to her and put her paws in Maxine's hand. And the rest is history! They're the best of cuddle buds, and she's happier than ever. Check out these adorable photos of them snuggling it up:
This is the new cutie. She's albino!
With Maxine, it was love at first site.
Maxine re-named her Isis, after an Egyptian goddess who was known for kindness and compassion.
Despite her rough start, she's cuddly and sweet.
Maxine says that Isis is the sweetest raccoon she's ever raised - out of more than 200!
Isis's favorite thing to do is go through Maxine's pockets to find "toys" - like her keys and cell phone.
She's even made friends with another raccoon there - ironically named Ghost.
Maxine had to keep her inside while she healed for a little while - somehow, we don't think she minded.
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We had no idea raccoons could be so sweet and snuggly! Did you? Which picture was your favorite? Don't forget to share these adorable photos with all the animal lovers in your life.
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